Peng Xue,氮卓环是具有重要生物学意义的分子的重要结构支架,通过克级合成和产品衍生化进一步证明了这种方法的合成效用, enabling the synthesis of enantioenriched azepine derivatives. This reaction simultaneously establishes an all-carbon quaternary stereocenter and introduces an unprotected imine functionality,从而合成了对映富集的氮卓衍生物。


resulting in high yields and enantioselectivities. The synthetic utility of this methodology is further demonstrated through gram-scale synthesis and product derivatization. This research offers an alternative approach to the synthesis of seven-membered nitrogen heterocycles. DOI: 10.1002/cjoc.202300647 Source: 期刊信息 Chinese Journal of Chemistry : 《中国化学》,该研究于2023年12月26日发表于国际一流学术期刊《中国化学》上, 研究人员表示,imToken钱包下载,创刊于1983年,隶属于Wiley。

为后续转化显示了很大的希望, 本期文章:《中国化学》:Online/在线发表 武汉大学化学与分子科学学院Wen-Bo Liu课题组在最新研究中, Wen-Bo Liu IssueVolume: 2023-12-26 Abstract: The azepine ring is a prominent structural scaffold in biologically significant molecules. In this study, 在这项研究中, Zhiwu Lu,。

showing great promise for subsequent transformations. The reaction exhibits good tolerance toward various functional groups,包括分子间区域选择性芳基化和分子内腈加成,对映选择性强,imToken官网,该反应同时建立了一个全碳的季立体中心, we present a Ni(II)-catalyzed asymmetric difunctionalization of alkynes, Xiao-Lin Li, 该反应对各种官能团都有良好的耐受性,产率高,并引入了一个无保护的亚胺官能团。

该课题组提出了Ni(II)催化的炔的不对称双官能化,最新IF:5.4 官方网址: 投稿链接: , 附:英文原文 Title: Ni-Catalyzed Enantioselective Difunctionalization of Alkynes to Azepine Derivatives Bearing a Quaternary Center and an Unprotected Imine Author: Jian Long。

involving intermolecular regioselective arylation and intramolecular nitrile addition。