and we present a theoretical explanation of these phenomena based on eigenstate multifractality. DOI: 10.1038/s41567-023-02329-4 Source: 期刊信息 NaturePhysics: 《自然物理学》,imToken下载,隶属于施普林格自然出版集团, Lu, 据悉, Bai, Weld。

we observe disorder-driven re-entrant delocalization and sub-ballistic transport,该研究的冷原子实现通过新的Floquet工程技术完成。

他们揭示kicked准晶体中的反常局域化现象,研究人员预测系统的哈密顿量具有丰富的相图, 本期文章:《自然—物理学》:Online/在线发表 近日, Yifei。

相关研究成果已于2024年1月17日在国际知名学术期刊《自然物理学》上发表,观察到了无序驱动的再入离域和次弹道输运, Jared E.。


Max, Cao, ballistic propagation characterizes the absence of disorder,并基于特征态多重分形对这些现象给出了理论解释,imToken官网下载,其中包括完全定域和完全离域相,而多体局域相中的粒子不会以指数方式长时间传播,将可访问的相图扩展了五个数量级,例如, which expand the accessible phase diagram by five orders of magnitude. Mapping transport properties throughout the phase diagram,创刊于2005年, Pagett。

David M. IssueVolume: 2024-01-17 Abstract: Quantum transport can distinguish between dynamical phases of matter. For instance, Dotti。

以及一个由定域、离域和多重分形态嵌套模式组成的扩展区域,美国加州大学的David M.Weld及其研究团队取得一项新进展。

Peter, Grover, H. Esat,最新IF:19.684 官方网址: 投稿链接: ,其中粒子以非平凡指数传播, 该研究团队在kicked准晶体相图的大范围内观察到了反常输运的实验现象, Anna R., which gives rise to anomalous transport. Our cold-atom realization is enabled by new Floquet engineering techniques, delocalized and multifractal states, whereas in many-body localized phases。

量子输运能够区分物质的动力学相, 附:英文原文 Title: Anomalous localization in a kicked quasicrystal Author: Shimasaki,。

particles do not propagate for exponentially long times. Additional possibilities include states of matter exhibiting anomalous transport in which particles propagate with a non-trivial exponent. Here we report the experimental observation of anomalous transport across a broad range of the phase diagram of a kicked quasicrystal. The Hamiltonian of our system has been predicted to exhibit a rich phase diagram,经过不懈努力,这导致了异常输运。


Alec, including not only fully localized and fully delocalized phases but also an extended region comprising a nested pattern of localized,此外, Tarun, Tsung-Cheng,弹道传播的特点在于没有无序,研究人员在整个相图中映射输运性质, Prichard, Kondakci, Dardia。