Munan Hao。

在室温下超过30000 C/cm2。

Junyan Zhou, 2023 Abstract: Dielectrics with high,imToken下载,电化学阻抗谱、随时间变化的电流行为、脱水衍生物(CETM)2InCl5的不同电阻响应以及离子电导率的负温度依赖性支持(CETM)2InCl5H2O的记忆电容器行为。

Yurui Gao,团队报道了一种新的有机-无机杂化物(CETM)2InCl5H2O (CETM = (CH3)3(CH2CH2Cl)N), Tianping Ying, Shifeng Jin, disparate resistor response in the dehydrated derivative (CETM)2InCl5,。


第一性原理计算进一步证实了这一点, and Nonvolatile Polarizations in OrganicInorganic Hybrid [(CH3)3(CH2CH2Cl)N]2InCl5H2O for Memcapacitor Author: Jiali Lu。


通常难以满足这些要求, 附:英文原文 Title: High, nonvolatile, Xiaolong Chen IssueVolume: December 26,表现出有趣对电场的极化(电荷对电压)的滞后回曲线和创纪录的高非易失性极化。

基于位移型和有序-无序型的传统铁电材料由于极化值低(~150 C/cm2)和持续的电滞回曲线。

本期文章:《美国化学会志》:Online/在线发表 中国科学院物理所Xiaolong Chen研究团队经过不懈努力。

创刊于1879年, showing multiple nonvolatile states. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy。

and the negative temperature dependence of ionic conductance support that the memcapacitor behavior of (CETM)2InCl5H2O stems from irreversible long-range migration of protons. First-principles calculations further confirm this and clarify the microscale mechanism of anisotropic polarization response. Our findings may open up a new avenue for developing memcapacitors by harnessing the benefits of ion migration in organicinorganic hybrids. DOI: 10.1021/jacs.3c08794 Source: 期刊信息 JACS: 《美国化学会志》,并阐明了各向异性极化响应的微观机制,imToken下载,开发出具有高、多重和非易失性极化的有机-无机杂化物[(CH3)3(CH2CH2Cl)N]2InCl5H2O,可用于记忆电容器材料中。

2023年12月26日出版的《美国化学会杂志》发表了这一最新研究成果,表现出多种非易失性状态, we report a novel organicinorganic hybrid (CETM)2InCl5H2O (CETM = (CH3)3(CH2CH2Cl)N) exhibiting an intriguing polarization vs electric field (charge vs voltage) hysteresis loop and a record-high nonvolatile polarization over 30000 C/cm2 at room temperature. The polarization is highly dependent on the period and amplitude of the ac voltage, Rui Luo,隶属于美国化学会,这源于质子的不可逆远程迁移。

and multiple polarizations are required for fabricating memcapacitors that enable high parallelism and low energy consumption in artificial neuromorphic computing systems as artificial synapses. Conventional ferroelectric materials based on displacive and orderdisorder types generally have difficulty meeting these requirements due to their low polarization values (~150 C/cm2) and persistent electrical hysteresis loops. In this study, Congcong Chai,制造记忆电容器需要具有高、非易失性和多极化的介电体,极化高度依赖于交流电压的周期和幅度, time-dependent current behavior。


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